Etymotic HF2 Earphones Review

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Summary: I love the Etymotic HF2 earphones, though they may not be for everyone.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very good build quality
  • Works well with Android


  • May not be comfortable for everyone
  • Price may be too high for some


Frequency response: 20Hz-15kHz. Noise isolation: 98% (36-42 dB). Maximum output 120 dB. Cable length: 4 ft. Jack size: 3.5 mm.

The Android Dad’s Review:

etymotic hf2 earphones 500

I absolutely love using my Etymotic headphones. The HF2 headset plus earphones works perfectly with my Android device. These are not your standard earbuds, rather these are an in ear monitor similar to those used by professional musicians when performing on stage.

The things I like best about these headphones are the excellent sound quality, the noise isolation, and the fact that they will not fall out if I move around. I have used headphones of varying price and quality from many manufacturers in the past and the sound quality I get out of the HF2’s is by far the best I have ever found. Being an in ear monitor the HF2 seals the ear canal much like an ear plug allowing for lower volume listening.

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Noise Isolation

I work in a noisy environment and I can easily listen to music on the lowest setting my phone has. The noise isolation works so well that I find it outperforms even the most expensive noise canceling headphones that use a microchip to eliminate unwanted noise. The fact that this is an in ear monitor also means that these headphones will not fall out if I move around. In fact I can use these to run, jump, or wrestle with my kids and as long as the cord is not yanked on the headphones will stay in place.

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Comfort Depends on the Individual

The only negatives that I have found to the HF2 earphones is that some people do not find an in ear monitor comfortable. The headphones do penetrated fairly deep into the ear canal so if having something in your ear bothers you then this is probably not the item for you. If wearing ear plugs does not bother you you should be fine.

Additionally this is a more expensive pair of headphones. The HF2 retails from for $159.00 so if what you want is a low cost pair of headphones that are essential disposable then you may want to look elsewhere.

In Conclusion

As I said overall I love this product. If you will not be bothered by having the headphones in your ear and you don’t mind paying for a high quality product I would definitely say to buy the Etymotic HF2 Headphones.

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