Facebook: No Mommy Talk Allowed

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Don’t talk about your kids on facebook? Really, hmm, I don’t think so.

I was reading a blog that I usually enjoy, but found it rather funny that they posted that you shouldn’t over-post about your children, that it’s boring. (By the way, I find this slightly ironic coming from a mommy blog.)

Personally, I don’t post things to keep people entertained. I post things that are are part of my life. And since I am pretty much house bound with the children 3 days out of the week. That’s what I post about. If people find it boring there is this amazing little button that makes it so you can ignore anything that you find boring. So if you find me boring feel free and click that button.

Also most of my friends are mommy’s. I have a few high school/college friends who don’t have children yet but again there is still that ignore button if they aren’t interested. I personally find it interesting to read everyone’s posts not because I’m looking for a good laugh or some kind of entertainment. I’m interested in what they are doing in their lives. Me personally, I’m a Mommy and proud of it!

If you are a mommy on facebook or another social network please feel free and post away about your children. I love to read it!