Did you watch Fraggle Rock as a child? Well meet the next generation’s spin off: Doozers!

I was invited to do an interview with Brendan Boyle about the new Doozer’s series on Hulu! Brendan consulted with the Jim Henson Company in creating a show that teaches science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM initiative).

I love how their goal with this new cartoon was to help children learn through play. The way they balance learning and fun in this show is just awesome. Here are just a few things that your kids will learn through this new series.


Learn Teamwork

Meet the “Pod Squad,” Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel! Each main character shares their own perspective and creativity in solving their problem of the day.

Learn to Do Do Do It

Every episode Spike cheers on the team to “Let’s get to it and DO DO DO it!” I love how they are teaching kids to jump in and get things done. They show them how to make a plan and do it!

Learn from Your Mistakes

This was the lesson that I thought was the best. Each episode the Pod Squad tries one plan and it fails. Is failing healthy? Yes, because the Doozers learn from each failure and create a new plan. Failing is a part of life and one of the biggest things we can learn from them is to try again.

Go Check it Out

Hulu currently has 7 episodes available for Hulu Plus members and you can expect to see 52 in all. Make sure and check out the new episodes on Hulu!

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