Free Printable Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet

Are looking for a way to encourage your child to write this summer break? Well if they are a Minecraft fan then they should love filling out this Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet. As Zane filled this sheet out he even announced this was lots of fun, which writing is one of his least favorite subjects. I hope your kids will enjoy this printable worksheet as much as he did.

Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet

He filled out all the details on his character and even added a few details I didn’t include.

Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet_1

At first he was a little hesitant what to write about but the having all the details about his character helped him write his story.

Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet_2

After he filled out the story he colored his character. Which was a rule from school write first then color. But I wouldn’t mind him coloring first.

Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet_3

Here is his finished sheet and his finished character. I loved reading his details and see that he filled out all the lines for his story.

Print Your Own Minecraft Character Worksheet

Minecraft Character Story Design Sheet by Pepper Scraps

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