20 Minute Declutter Challenge Get Organized

The members of the PS Challengers Facebook group have been asking for a organization challenge. So for May 2015 we are going to get organized with the 20 Minute Declutter Challenge! The challenge will start May 4th, 2015!

What is the 20 Minute Declutter Challenge?

The 20 Minute Declutter Challenge all about hitting those hot spots in your house that you need to organize. You set a timer for 20 minutes and you attack the daily zone. To keep accountable you can share a photo, an instagram, a tweet, a blog post or a vlog on YouTube showing how you declutter your daily zone.

What if I Miss A Day?

That’s okay just double your activity the next day and make it up.


Please Share the Challenge with Others

Feel free and download the banner above and link it back to this page! The more who join the more fun it will be. Invite your friends so they can help you stay accountable!

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Let’s Encourage Each Other!

With Facebook Group:

  • Official daily check ins
  • Share your photos privately
  • Reminders throughout the day

Also let’s connect on:

So Are You Ready for the Challenge? Join the Facebook Group: PS Challengers

Free Printable Tracking Sheet

If you would like a nice tracking sheet, I created this PDF for you to print!


Click for #PSDeclutterIt Check List Printable PDF

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Pepper Ferguson

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