I love the zoo and as we strive to become a healthier family I am loving the zoo even more. After losing 80lbs I don’t dread the hours of walking and chasing after the boys that the zoo offers. Now I look at it as an opportunity to get in a lot of exercise!

Getting too much sun is still hard on me. But the Oregon Zoo has the perfect event for beating the heat: Sunset at the Zoo!

I absolutely loved it as the temperatures dropped and the sun streamed through the trees. Seeing the zoo at this beautiful time of day was amazing! Plus we got to see all the crepuscular creatures start getting active. (Animals that are active at twilight.)

On top of being able to be at the zoo during this wonderful time they had activities set up all around the zoo that added extra fun. They had bands, concerts, owl dropping dissection, story telling, bat house building and more!

Check it out yourself!

Don’t worry this was the first or four nights they will be doing this event this summer. So if you want to check it out yourself here is the line up for the rest of the summer:

July 25

Aug. 8

Aug. 22

Check out our great photos!

It was great seeing some the animals active that we had never seen before.

The hippos were lazing in the sun instead of hiding in their pond.

The lorakeets actually ate from our cup, last time they wanted nothing to do with food.


Playing in the grass as the sun.


With all the activity we got some well deserved treats.



After an hour of walking we took a break on the lawn to see them fly a few birds and enjoy a small rest.



But then we back to walking more and seeing the must see elephants.



We dissected some owl pellets.


Let the boys get out their extra energy.


We had an amazing time!


If you are in the Portland Area then you should really check out the Sunset at the Zoo event!

[box]Disclaimer: We received free admission so I could share this even with you. All opinions are mine.[/box]

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