• Watching everyone wait, on Mother’s day, as the mommy duck led her ducklings across the road
  • A day of shopping and love from my men
  • A pair of pants that fit and I like
  • Finding a new place I can eat on my diet
  • enjoying the quiet in the house while Granny has the boys
  • Being at an amazing Bible Study and enjoying being with other ladies!
  • I am a child of God!
  • a red throated bird who sat outside my door in the rain long enough for me to catch a picture of him
  • Finding something healthy one of my boys will eat.
  • Saving the boys from a snail and getting a good laugh.
  • Sunshine
  • Watching the boys pretending to be fishing in the back yard.
  • Little tiny wildflowers in my untamed flower gardens
  • Little boys being monkeys
  • A clean fridge
  • Doctors and Nurses willing to work in such a hard field as a children’s oncology floor
  • He is the great physician
  • The ability to pour out our hearts to Him and know that we don’t need to know all the answers because He does
  • Healing

What are some of the gifts you received this week?

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
We hope to inspire you by showing that even small changes can make the biggest differences in your life. You don't have to go to extremes to become healthy. Just do it one habit, one meal, one walk, and one hug at a time.

Let's work together one piece at a time making better habits, eating healthier, getting moving, and most of all loving our families.

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