Gifts of the Week

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You may have read my post last week and you may not have. I want to share with you this weekend some of the gifts I have received from our gracious and amazing God. There have been so many that this list is incomplete, but I want to share with you some of the things I have given thanks for.

  • Little boy pretending that his sweatshirt is “High Shining Armor” running around with a fake helmet on.
  • Looking back at a video from March 2nd and seeing the weight that I have lost!
  • The bushes in front just about to bloom and share that amazing aroma that they give off when they open.
  • not so pretty but smell divine

  • The sunshine coming to warm up the afternoon and free the boys from the house.
  • A chance to trust a little boy to take photos and enjoy the cute things he chose to capture (with his finger in each photo)
  • Random playdates with the neighbor
  • Little brother repeating what big brother says and does no matter what.
  • An evening drive to get ice cream
  • Watching the sunshine creep down our fence waiting for it to touch our yard and let the boys free
  • Watching littlest slide down the stairs on his tummy to “run” to get his treat
  • Licking the beater
  • A MIL who gives hubby and I a date night
  • Listening to big brother tell little brother all about the things he’s imagining them doing.
  • Big brother teaching little brother a new word, “Owl”
  • A sweet call from my husband giving me an early mother’s day present.

What are some of the gifts you received today?

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