Goals for 2014 for Pepper Scraps

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Goals for Pepper Scraps

More Videos

As you can I’m starting right off doing more video for Pepper Scraps. This video is a little rambling, but I think I hit most of the points.


  • Use my phone or videos
  • Don’t worry about kids in the background
  • Don’t worry about a perfect house

More Challenges

I tried doing more challenges this year, but with so many changes in my personal life it was hard to keep up. I was not really sure if you wanted more challenges or even liked the challenges, but then I read Jeanie’s post about her SMART goals.


  • Get other people/bloggers involved
  • Have a challenge schedule
  • Find out from you what challenges would you like to see?

Social Media

I looked at my stats for the year and I’m really seeing that I don’t get very much traffic from Facebook. Even though I worked hard on growing people just are not connected on Facebook Pages. So I’m shifting my focus to Google+ & Pinterest.


  • Meet new people on Google+
  • Become a hangouts expert
  • Redo my photos to make more Pinteresting

Goals for Pepper

Get back to Onederland (under 200lbs) & get to 170 by 12/31/2014

How Activity:

  • Track my activity for 1 week & increase next week
  • Ride bike in morning when hubby goes on walk

How Nutrition:

  • Get in to get blood tests done to check vitamins
  • Keep my food journal on My Fitness Pal
  • Menu Plan every week (consider monthly menu planning next month)

How Accountability:

  • Keep accountable with TJ
  • Join a group of bloggers on Facebook

This is as far as I have gotten with my personal goals. I keep wanting to make more, but we are looking at a big change in our lives next week. TJ will be switching to swing shift, so our lives will be turned upside down. I will need to learn how to meal plan for our new schedules, I will have to figure out what our schedules will be like.

I have 2 questions for you:

What are your goals and how can Pepper Scraps help you?

What kind of challenges would you like to participate in?

Examples: Get Moving Challenge, #64ozchallenge, 31 Days of Thanks, Food Challenge

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