Autumn Week Healthy Bento Lunches

This week I wanted to do some more fun Bentos so I picked Lego as or theme. Zane loved it! I did 3 Lego block lunches and 2 special lunches. I think the Ninjago has been my favorite of all the bentos I’ve made so far. Zane loved that one too.

Bento 1118

Monday: Turkey Bento with PB&J pockets for the body, sweet pepper head, carrot eyes and beak, grape feathers, and popcorn for fun!

Bento 1119

Tuesday: Another Turkey Bento with cream cheese whole wheat english muffin for the body, mini rice cake head, sweet pepper beak, candy eyes, apple feathers, and a few more mini rice cakes.

Bento 1120

Wednesday: Forest Animal Bento with a PB&J whole wheat english muffin owl, fruit O eyes, pistachio beak, and apple wings. Also added Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Crackers, more apples and sweet pepper leaves. All in our favorite Planet Box!

Bento 1121

Thursday: Fall Colors Bento with cheese leaves, whole wheat crackers, carrots, greek yogurt, and apple slices in our new Laptop Lunches box.

Friday: Hot Lunch at School which was turkey dinner. This was a great way to have Zane try something he wouldn’t try for me before.

Things I Learned

  • Some schools are making real efforts to offer whole grains and healthy options.
  • Hot Lunch as a treat is a good way to have your child try something they wouldn’t normally try for you
  • I also learned that Zane loves having “cool lunches” and took some convincing that hot lunch was okay too.

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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