Healthy Bentos for a week bitty bites

This week I decided to make everything bite sized. One way to make the food a bit more interesting and fun, but also very easy. In each lunch I added a fun cocktail fork to eat his bitty bites.

So this week we had a big oops! When I was packing Zane’s lunch for school I grabbed Zane’s 1/2 pack lunch for the next day. As I pulled out the bento I packed for Zarek I realized my mistake. I quickly called the school and they are so nice because kids can owe 1 or 2 lunches in case of an emergency like this.

Bento 92313

Monday: Hot dog, cheese, grapes, carrots, Annie’s Bunny Crackers and for a treat Matt’s Munchies Mango Fruit Snacks.

Tuesday: I had packed some pasta noodles in a bento for this week, but didn’t add anything else while I waited for it to cool. I accidentally grabbed this box than the one below.

Bento 92613

Wednesday: Cut up meatballs, sliced cheese stick, grapes, celery and carrots. Zane didn’t eat the meatballs, he didn’t like them cold.

Bento 92413

Thursday: Cheese squares, mini sweet pepper, grapes, gold fish, and Matt’s Munchies Mango Fruit Snacks.

Bento 92713

Friday: Hubby had to pick up bread for Zane’s PB&J so the picture isn’t perfect. Oh well. PB& J sandwich cut in bites, celery, grapes, and gold fish.

Things I Learned

  • Make sure if you have multiple bento boxes in the fridge stack them so the next one to go to school is on top.
  • If your school has a lunch money system have a little on the account for days there is a lunch emergency.
  • Sometimes your child may not like the same things at school as they do at home because they are used to them being warmed up.

What was in your kids lunches this week?



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