Christmas Week Bentos

Christmas is on it’s way and we are all very excited in our house. We got our Christmas Tree this weekend, so I did 2 different Christmas tree bentos. Zane’s favorite was the gingerbread men, but I wasn’t super happy how it turned out. But I’m learning that even if I don’t do the best job, he is loving it, and it’s doing it’s job he is loving new healthier foods every week!

christmas bentos

Monday:  Christmas Tree Quesadilla bento: Green tortilla with cheese stick stars, pomegranate seeds, and red sweet peppers. Could be a build your own tree for older kids.

christmas bentos_1

Tuesday: Gingerbread bento: PB&J bento pals on a bed of spinach, cheese stick ground, cucumber & sweet pepper stacks, and a clementine orange in our fave planet box bento.

christmas bentos_2

Wednesday: Snowman bento: Cheese, cracker, and turkey pepperoni snowman with grapes and spinach.

christmas bentos_3

Thursday: Red & Green Bento: Pepperoni & Spinach kabobs, strawberry no sugar added applesauce, cheese stick, and rice crackers.

christmas bentos_4

Friday: Christmas Tree Bento 2: PB&J christmas tree with chocolate chip ornaments and cucumber stars, clementine, and vanilla yogurt with candy cane sprinkles in our Laptop Lunch Bento Box.

Things I Learned

  • Even if you think you did a terrible job making a lunch it may end up being your child’s favorite.
  • As I’m packing more and more veggies, Zane is eating more of them, so bento boxes will help with healthy eating!
  • Zane tried a pomegranate seed on the weekend and loved them, he is becoming more adventurous in his food with bentos.

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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