Healthy Bentos of the Week: Lego Week

Lego Week Healthy Bento Lunches

This week I wanted to do some more fun Bentos so I picked Lego as or theme. Zane loved it! I did 3 Lego block lunches and 2 special lunches. I think the Ninjago has been my favorite of all the bentos I’ve made so far. Zane loved that one too.

Lego Bento 1

Monday: Lego Crackers & Cheese bento with whole grain crackers, cheddar cheese slices, cheddar cheese dots to create legos, Matt’s Munchies Fruit Snacks with grape dot, and cucumber lego.

Lego Bento 2

Tuesday: Ninjago Bento with cheese sandwich ninjago with food pen eyes, Zane cut out of cheese, cucumber throwing stars, and grapes with a sword pick. Zane love Ninjago and loves that their is a Zane Ninjago so this was a must for Lego week.

Bento Lunch 3

Wednesday: Peanut Butter Lego Bento with a PB&J sandwich with bread dots, Matt’s Munchies, and cucumbers. I needed something really easy and simple this day.

Bento Lunch 4

Thursday: Lego Minifigure Bento: Minifigure head cheese sandwich, apple slices, cucumber, and Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers.

Bento Lunch 5

Friday: Build Your Lego Bento: Turkey pepperoni dots, cheddar cheese dots, bread squares, grapes, and carrots.

Things I Learned

  • Just have fun!

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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