Simple Healthy Halloween Week of Bentos

Another Halloween Bento Week, this week I chose to do very simple Halloween bentos. Even with just a couple things you can make lunches fun for your kids. This week I used cupcake picks that I got at the Dollar Tree and some stickers I got at the craft store. Easy for me, fun for Zane.

This week I picked up a large box of no sugar added fruit cups. Make sure and read the labels when picking out fruit cups or canned fruits. I look for corn syrup or even juice being added. My kids are happy with the simple fruit. One reason I chose fruit cups is fruit hasn’t been that great lately from the stores I get it from and I feel canned/cup fruit is a good alternative when fresh fruit is expensive or just not in season.

Simple Halloween Bentos

Monday: Black & Orange Bento had turkey, cheddar, and cream cheese roll ups, carrots, no sugar added mandarin oranges, cheddar & mozzarella string cheese, and ghoul fish  (gold fish and raisins).

Simple Halloween Bentos_1

Tuesday: Turkey and cheddar bites, no sugar added peaches, bat wings (blue tortilla chips), and spinach leaves.

Simple Halloween Bentos_2

Wednesday: Eyeball Bento had a cream cheese bagel with an olive pupil, cheese sticks with food marker pupils, no sugar added pears, shriveled eyes (raisins), and more olive eyes.

Simple Halloween Bentos_3

Thursday: Simple Halloween Bento with Ghoulfish (goldfish and raisins), carrots and olives, cheddar mozzarella and hot dogs on picks, and no sugar added mandarin oranges.

Friday: No picture very simple bento with pb&j sandwich, carrots, graham crackers, and gogurt. Plus one treat from the night before. I think having one treat when it’s candy season is good and helps your children know sweet things in moderation is okay.

Things I Learned

  • Zane does well opening his own fruit cups (I try and make sure he won’t need help with anything in his lunch)
  • Moderation is key, let your child have one piece of candy in their lunch when all their friends have candy too. If you ban it when they can they will binge or learn to hide food.
  • Simple Bentos can be just as fun as complex creations

What was in your kids lunches this week?


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