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I received Matt’s Munchies Fruit Snacks in our Bestowed Box and I had to contact the company right away! I asked them if I could do a review for them. The sent me 2 sample boxes to try all the flavors and share them in our bento boxes!

I wanted to share Matt’s Munchies because one of my readers said that she really struggles with having quick and healthy options to put in her kids lunch boxes. It’s hard to find something that you feel good about throwing into you kids lunches when you are short on time. But I Matt’s Munchies are perfect for this!

Fruit Snacks vs Gummy Bears

I’m very rarely anti certain foods (everything in moderation), but I really dislike fruit snacks. I count them as candy for my boys – so they can chose fruit snacks or candy for a treat.

Most fruit snacks if made with fruit at all are made with concentrated fruit juice and most contain corn syrup so are just basically straight sugar. An almost 1 ounce package contains about 80 calories, 11 sugars, and no fiber. You could give your kids about 1 ounce of gummy bears for the about 80 calories, 12 sugars, and no fiber.

matt's munchies

Matt’s Munchies

Matt’s Munchies has shown me you can offer your kids a healthy fruit snack! Matt’s Munchies are 1 ounce packages of dried fruit snacks for between 35 to 80 calories. Most of the flavors are between 6 to 14 grams of sugar – half of the flavors are under 10 grams of sugar. Also you get at least 1 gram of fiber in almost all the flavors.

My favorite healthy options:

delightful raspberry

Where’s the Ingredients?

I was showing some of my friends Matt’s Munchies because I knew they would be interested in them. My friend kept turning the package over, “Where is the ingredients?” I started looking with her then I found them: “Ingredients: Mango Puree (and that’s it!)”. They use only fruit in their fruit snacks. The chocolate flavors have a few more ingredients, but all ingredients are natural, organic, gluten free and non GMO.

raspberry two snacks

Spreading Out the Cost

My only concern with the snacks is that they cost about $2 a package. But they are so good and healthy. I figured out a trick that helps us spread out the cost, you can cut the paper right between the two rows and get two snacks out of one package. Which works perfect for our two boys!

Enter to Win!

Matt’s Munchies is offering 2 lucky winners their own sample box of 12 of their flavors for you to pack in your kids’ lunches or maybe just to eat yourself!

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What’s your favorite healthy quick snack to grab for your kid’s lunches?


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