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Valentine’s Day week I had tons of fun making bentos. When you have a boy using pink and hearts is usually not an option but with Valentine’s Day coming up you can get away with it. I think these were some of my favorite lunches that I have made.

I made a point to just buy one fruit and use it throughout the week, which really helped streamline lunch packing.

Valentine Bento 500

Monday: Fairy Bread Heart: I put peanut butter on one slice of whole grain bread and cut out a heart from the top slice, I put them together then sprinkled it with Valentine’s sprinkles. I also added straberries, red sweet peppers, and a cheese stick that I drew hearts on.

Valentine Bento 500_1

Tuesday: Strawberry & Cream Cheese Bagel Bento: Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and sliced strawberries inside. I also added strawberries, heart shaped carrots, pretzels and a chocolate strawberry heart for a treat.

Valentine Bento 500_4

Wednesday: Ham & Cheese Heart Bento: Whole grain bread cut as a heart with cheese & ham, strawberries, celery, pretzels, and a chocolate strawberry heart for a treat.

Valentine Bento 500_3

Thursday: PB&J Heart Bento: Whole grain bread with peanut butter and jelly with conversation hearts pressed into it, strawberries, celery, and pretzels.

Valentine Bento 500_2

Friday: Cheesy Hearts Bento: Cheddar cheese hearts, turkey pepperoni, strawberries, pretzels & conversation hearts for a treat.

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What was in your kids lunches this week?

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