Healthy School Lunches with Bentos Pirate Week

This week was not my best bento week, but Zane still loved it. So this really does show, that even if you think that your lunch looks terrible, your kids will still love it.

Bento PirateMonday: Pirate Bento: Pirate Kabobs made with olives, cheese stick, hot dogs, and mini sweet peppers. Whole wheat chocolate chip muffin, grape island with a sweet pepper X, and a fruit cup.

Bento Pirate_3

Tuesday: Jolly Roger Bento: PB&J Jolly Roger sandwich, cannon ball grapes, cannon ball olives, and gold fish.

Bento Pirate_1

Wednesday: Treasure Map Bento: PB&J Treasure Map sandwich, whole wheat chocolate chip muffin, cannon ball olives & cannon ball grapes.

Bento Pirate_2

Thursday: Pirate Ship Bento: Quesadilla Pirate ship with cheese stick windows, goldfish, carrot cannons, and cannon ball grapes.

Friday: No School

Things I Learned

  • Even if you don’t thing the lunch you made was great, your kids will
  • Stick with one fruit for the week, even with a themed week makes lunches go faster
  • Find fun accents like cupcake toppers and picks to inspire your lunch themes

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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