We were considering getting rid of our cable to save money in our budget. With so many shows being offered online we have started becoming Hulu watchers. We have started setting up our TVs to run through our computer that way we can pick shows online to watch on our TVs.

I sat and thought about this the other day as I flipped through channels searching for something to watch. I suddenly realized how much garbage I have been watching just to fill my time and to have noise in the house. (I turned off the TV and listened to my book on my Zune. Now I am really happy with the idea of getting rid of our cable.

We will still have basic channels, we will have online shows, and we will be getting a Netflix account. That way we will still have stuff to watch for those mornings that Zaney wakes up to early for us and for those lonely nights without TJ. But we will be choosing things that we know are good and we will make better choices on what we are watching.

Too bad TJ ran into an issue with our home’s network. He now has to crawl under the house because they didn’t connect anything downstairs to the home network.

Thanks to Kristen at We Are THAT Family for inspiration for this post.

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Pepper Ferguson

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