Homemade Sugar Free Fruit Snacks

My boys love fruit snacks, but I’m very hesitant to give them over to them as they are basically candy. Even if they are made with all fruit juice it’s still a lot of sugar. We only give our boys watered down juice so feeding them straight juice bites is a little hard for me.

I started doing some investigating on making my own fruit snacks. I saw a few options: Concentrated Fruit Juice or Sugar Free Jello. I made the choice to go with the second. Even though sugar free jello has artificial sweeteners I’d rather do that every so often than concentrated fruit sugar.

I know many moms debate back and forth about fruit sugar versus artificial sweetners. For me and my house we have decided to go ahead and let the boys have artificial sweetners every so often. If I have the option I choose products that have Truvia or are stevia based as much as possible as these are natural calorie free sweetners.

Hope you enjoyed these easy instructions if so please make sure and pin them! Also if you want to make a lot of snacks ahead of time or multiple flavors just double or triple or quadruple the recipe.

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