I have been participating in a great series over at SITSgirls: Think Like a Marketer. Last week we started by focusing on the branding of our blogs. I loved this article because when I work with my graphic design clients I have to explain to them that branding is visual and conceptual. When I’m helping someone build a blog I explain how color and logo will work building their visual brand, but that they need to build their conceptual brand also. I loved that Melissa (@momcommblog) really got this point across so well in her article. The homework for this week was very revealing and a great growing experience. I will be going through the steps to share my experience as I worked on my homework. I hope this shows you how this can really help you to improve your brand and blog.

Your 5 Words

The first part of the homework was to write down five words that you want people to think of when they first see your blog. This was a little hard at first but once I started the words just kept coming. My five words:

  1. Interesting
  2. Inspirational
  3. Informational
  4. Stylish
  5. Clean

Their 5 Words

Now I did not share these words with anyone and I started doing part two of the homework. I jumped on twitter and started asking others what five words they thought of when they saw my blog. Here are some of the responses I got:

subdued, organized, simple, straightforward, great logo! by @stephmommybrain

Clean, Modern, Fresh, Diverse, fun by @MamaofAllTrades

Sylish, Clean, Narrow, Engaging, Personal by @PhotoLynda

organized, pink, uncluttered, variety, interesting layout by @Modern_Gypsy

simple, organized (i love each post has its own box), clean, colorful (but not too much) and easy (to navigate) by @OurTypicalLife

organized … creative … variety … honest … feminine by LifeLovesLeah

girly … organized … honest … plain … mom by ThoughtsFromHer

These are just some of the few that I received, but you can see that specific words started repeating: clean and organized. That’s great I’m really happy to find that my blog gets described as this! My style for my graphic design business is exactly this: clean & organized, so this is branding my blog for my business. Perfect!

Growing and Learning

Now, time for me to take this information and start learning and growing. One of the words that I’m missing is: Informational. I need to start working on growing this concept on my blog. One of the things I think I need to work on is my post titles. I need to work on communicating more about the benefits my readers will get from reading my blog. If I had awesome post titles this should communicate to visitors that Pepper Scraps is  informational and educational.

Now Your Turn

Did you participate last week? What did you learn from your words? Do you need more words? Feel free and ask me in my comments and I will be honest with you.

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