How To Plan A Valentines Day Class Party

This year I am the room mom for Zarek’s kindergarten class, which means I get to plan their Valentine’s Day Class Party at school! I love doing things like this because I am a really good organizer. If you are your child’s room mom but not sure what to do I have a plan for you! I hope this will help you plan your child’s Valentine’s Day Party! Make sure and scroll to the bottom of the page and get your free Class Party Planner Printable!

In this party plan you will see what we have planned for Zarek’s party and how we planned the class party. You don’t have to have the same crafts, games and snacks!

Step 1: Create a Schedule

8:45-9:00 Setup (Cover tables, set up crafts and games, set up valentine bags)
9:00-9:30 Three Stations Kids Switch Every Ten Minutes
9:30-10:00 Valentine Distribution & Opening!
10:00-10:15 Clean Up!

Step 2: Create Stations for the Kids

  • Station 1: Valentine’s Game and Valentine’s Snack
  • Station 2: Valentine’s Craft #1
  • Station 3: Valentine’s Craft #2

Step 3: Plan your Crafts and Games

Valentine’s Day Game

Don’t Eat the Love Bug Game! Get your Free Printable!

Don’t Eat the Love Bug Game {Free Printable} {Video}

 Valentine’s Day Snacks

 Nut Free Valentine’s Day Snack Mix

Valentine's Day Snack Mix with Free Printable Bag Toppers_3

Valentine Cake Mix Cookie Treats by Serendipity Mommy

Valentine Day Cookies by Serendipity Mommy

 Valentine’s Crafts

 Love Bug Pencil Toppers

Love Bug Pencil Toppers for Valentine’s Day {FREE Printable} {Video}

Love Bug Crown

Supplies: Chenille Stems, Foam Heart Stickers, Stapler and Paper Strips. Directions: Cut chenille stems in half, use stickers to attach  chenille stems, add hearts to tops of chenille stems, decorate paper strip with stickers, staple together to the right size for child, tape staples so they don’t scratch.

Step 4: Make a Supplies List

Create a list of items that you will need for the party. For our school I send out a list of items that we need and ask parents to either donate items or send money. I know some parents it’s just easier for them to send the money and have me take care of it. While some parents its easier for them to share some items they may already have or are in their budget.

This is everything I needed for our party:

13 Chenille Stems (cut in half)
13 Sparkly Chenille Stems (cut in half)
25 Large Valentine Colored Pom Poms
25 Extra Small Pom Poms
50+ Googly Eyes
25 Valentine Pencils
Glue Dots
Bags with handles
50+ Foam Heart Stickers (Michael’s)
25 Chenille Stems (cut in half)
Glue Dots
25 Paper Strips
Straws (valentine color)
100 Paper Hearts
Valentine Napkins
Valentine Cookies
Juice Boxes
1 Box Kashi Hearts Cereal
1 Bag Valentine Candy (nut free please)
1 Bag Pretzels
1 Box Chex Cereal
1 bag Crasins
25 Ziploc Snack Bags
Valentine M&Ms

Step 5: Contact Parents

Now it’s time to contact the parents and start collecting names of volunteers and getting your supplies. Ask your teacher what is the best way to contact the parents from the class. For us it is email!

Now you will want to keep track of your volunteers and who is donating supplies. That is why I made this free printable planner to help you keep track of your schedule, your volunteers and your donated supplies.


Print FREE PDF Class Party Planner

Do your kids have a Valentine’s Day Party planned for their class?

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