Let’s be honest. You’re pretty good at multitasking, but your instructors aren’t having it. Because of a few bad experiences in the class, cellphones are almost undoubtedly banned during your lecture (Even ones that allow laptops!) because a handful of students couldn’t handle themselves. But as long as you have a web enabled computer, a little WiFi, and one key app, your worries are over!

It’s called Airdroid, and it’s a wonder app for accessing your phone’s content without having your phone out. The app works by syncing your phone’s information wirelessly to a specific web address protected by an access code. Punch in the code the app gives you on your phone, and voila, you have access to important content from your device.

What really makes Airdroid killer for the college student is it allows you to send and receive text messages without having your phone out. Using a great chat interface, you can discreetly send texts to your friends and your instructor will be none the wiser!

As far as errors and issues go, I’m pretty satisfied with how this app has performed. There have been a few occasions where the connection got dropped, which would prove a real pain if you’re in class (it kind of defeats the purpose if you have to pull your phone out to reconnect things). But take that with a grain of salt. I’m not on the best network, and I don’t have great signal strength, so it’s conceivable that my phone dropped the connection, not the app.

From a design standpoint, I’m really impressed. The UI for the web app is superb: clean, simple, well organized, and modern. It’s easy to browse and gives you a lot of useful information in a minimalist form factor. Design in my opinion is always the icing on the cake. A great app with poor design usually drops to a “decent” app, and decent apps with great design not infrequently jump up a level. Apps like Airdroid, great and well designed, are pretty much as good as it gets.

So next time you’re sitting in class with a that irresistible device in your pocket, spare your grade! Install Airdrop and stay connected with friends even while being studious!

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