How to Use Google for School Reports

Zane had his first school project. We were excited. He brought home his big green paper and the instructions. He had to choose a frog to draw, share 3-5 facts on and share photos of. Luckily earlier that week we visited the Portland Aquarium and saw all their great frog there.

The best part of doing the project: Google! As a child I never had such a great resource and loved showing Zane how Google could help him with his project. We did it all on his Nexus 7 tablet!

Step 1: Choose your Subject

We picked out a few frogs that Zane may be interested in sharing about. We chose from the ones we had seen at the aquarium.

  • Poison Dart Frogs
  • Golden Frog
  • Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Step 2: YouTube

On Zane’s tablet we searched on YouTube for each of the different frogs and watched a video on each one. This was a great way to get a closer look at the frogs and learn more about them.

After watching the videos Zane picked the Golden Tree Frog – it was pretty cool, it waves to communicate!

Step 3: Facts with Google

We then Googled Golden Tree Frogs to learn more about them and pick out our facts. We were able to pick out 5 facts that Zane liked and I helped him write them out. Wikipedia was a great resource for his facts.

Step 4: Images with Google Images

We then used Google Images to find a good photo of the frog to print and add to his report. We also Googled for basic instructions on how to draw a frog to help him draw his frog for the report.


Zane's Frog Project

We of course added photos from the aquarium with him and his frogs and some great little add ons. I think his report turned out pretty cool and he loved it! I think one of the things that made it really fun for him was to see how he could use his tablet to learn!


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