Inspiring Posts from #LoveMe Week One!


Going through the challenge this year has been amazing! I’ve been looking through all the photos that people have been sharing and even at points I shed some tears. I see people looking at themselves and loving who they are. I’ve been in awe of the stories shared and the strength of everyone of you! I wanted to share just a few of the posts that have touched me over the week. There were more than this, so many more, but here are just a few…

Day 1: Why are you doing #LoveMe?

Why are you doing loveme


Day I: Why i’m taking the challenge
Well, when I first saw the challenge I had a good reason to take this challenge, but Feb didn’t start as I wanted. So i’m taking this challenge to be my best self, and discover some new 1 2 3 about myself! Fabulous February y’all! – kadzlinda

Day 2: Share a photo

Day 3: A word that describes you

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Day 4: Someone who loves you

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Day 5: A note to the past you

Day 6: A note to the future you

A Farmers Granddaughter

Dear Older and Hopefully Wiser Me,

I hope you’re reading this in February of 2020 and that it makes you smile. That you say, “Yes, little me, it did all work out,” or “it didn’t turn out the way we thought, it’s better.” I had a lot of goals for us when I wrote this, and I hope you’ve accomplished or are at least closer to them. Here is what I hope you have done. READ MORE…

Have you joined the challenge? Make sure and share with me @Unicornbeauty! I would love to give you some love on your post! #LoveMe Pepper

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