Last night there was a usual fight over schoolwork but we had a breakthrough. We learned that it is okay to say “I am overwhelmed”. I feel like more of us need to say that right now. Life is overwhelming.

Zarek’s teacher let me know that he was behind in his schoolwork. We talked about how he was in honors and she didn’t want him to struggle if that was too much. I knew he had been doing the work and that he was enjoying the class. It was science. Science is his favorite.

I asked him to look at his class and write down what was missing. As usual he would disappear into his room, when he came out I would ask again. We would circle round and round till I just had enough.

The fight started

He got sent to his room to cool down. I sat down and looked at his school – oh my. He had so much schoolwork just for this week that even Zane said that was too much. On top of that he was missing 10 assignments for the semester. Poor Kiddo!

I went and talked to him.

I asked him, “Was it overwhelming to see all of that work?”
He nodded.
I told him, “Please come talk to me when I ask you to do something and you find it overwhelming. It is okay to say “I am overwhelmed, Mom.”

I Need to Take my own Advice

I realized that advice was good advice for everyone right now. It is okay to say “I am overwhelmed” right now. It is okay to say “I am not okay” right now. It is time to take a deep breath and say that out loud.

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Pepper Ferguson

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