LifeTrak Review

LifeTrak sent me one of their newest activity monitors, the LifeTrak Move C300, for me to review for you. If you are looking for a low cost activity monitor that gives you lots of info this is the one for you!

Great for Those Who Love Numbers

LifeTrak was awesome that I could quickly glance at my wrist press the button and get some great numbers! I could see how I was doing for the day getting to my goal by just glancing at the bar.

I could see my distance in miles, how many calories I burned, my heart rate, and how many steps I had traveled. I could chose which one of these I wanted to be available at first glance and scroll through the rest with a click of the button.

You should be able to sync your LifeTrak with their iPhone app via bluetooth and soon they will be coming out with a Android app. Because the Android App is not out I did not get to try the app out.

Uncomfortable for Those Not Used to a Watch

I didn’t find this the most comfortable activity tracker I have tried. The back is metal and it tended to cut into my wrist even if I wore it loose. I hope that they will come out with either a smaller version or maybe a different way to wear it.

I decided maybe the issue was that I am just not used to wearing a watch. I’m from the generation of “no watches”. So I decided to do an experiment.


The Experiment

My mom wears a watch every day and she struggles with being active during the day due to illness. I passed on the LifeTrak onto her and asked her to try it for a week.

She loved it. At first she didn’t love the look of it, but at the end of the week she loved it. She liked the same things as me that she could just glance at her wrist and see how she was doing towards her activity goals.

She learned a lot in that week of trying it, including how much activity things like cleaning really help her throughout the day. Having an activity monitor really helped her be more aware of her activity during the day and make more effort to be more active.

Fun With Style

My second favorite feature of the LifeTrak was that you can change the band! You get a two colored band with the tracker and you can get more. It is very easy to switch the band from one color to the next. My mom really liked the green color!

Low Cost

My favorite feature was the cost. The LifeTrak is only $60, which is a great prices for a activity tracker that gives you so much information. Most activity trackers over over $100 at least but LifeTrak has made a point to try and keep the cost down for consumers.

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