Lil Turkeys


The other day was sunny and warm so Zane, Zarek and I went outside and did crafts! We made these great little Turkey Tubes that we found at Just 4 Fun With Sandy. They were really easy to do and even Zarek was able to get into the scribbling fun. You will need a paper towel or toilet paper tube cut down, white piece of paper cut in half, crayons or markers in red, brown, and orange, a round piece of brown paper, googley eyes, tiny yellow square of paper, red squiggly piece of paper or felt, yellow feet pre-cut out, and glue.



Step 1 Scribble on some paper with brown, red and orange crayons or pens


Step 2 Glue eyes on the brown circle.


Step 3 Glue on the waddle!


Step 4 Fold yellow square in half.


Step 5 Glue on legs


Step 6 Fold the white paper with the scribbles like an accordion then fold in half and stuff into tube, fan the feathers! And now you have  a turkey!

We actually ended up making four of them, only two sets of feathers though, for some reason the boys just didn’t want to color.

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