Zane has started associating TJ and I by Da Da. Yes, he calls me Dada. Actually he calls me Dada more than TJ. So all weekend I’ve been trying to get him to call me Mama. We know he say the Mmm sound because when he eats he Mmmmm at each bite when he really likes what he is eating.

In the mornings I would come in and he would point at me “Dada, Dada”. At the mall while I was in the dressing room Zane would point at the door and say, “Dada, Dada”. Which I’m sure I heard a few ladies out there giggle at him. When I would go around to pull him out of his car seat he would point at me, “Dada, Dada”. And every time we would go, “No, Mama, Mama.” I would sit there and go, “MmmaMmma” but to no avail.

Then yesterday I was helping TJ get him ready for the day and I kept up with “No, Mama” half-heartedly. And then he said it. “Mada”. TJ laughed, “Well at least he got it half right.” Hey, I’ll take “Mada” over “Dada” anyday.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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