I looked through the mouse pads at the store and I just wasn’t in love with anything. They all were so boring and not very unique and then I realized you know this wouldn’t be that hard to make one.

I gathered all my supplies which I had in my house:

  • Duct Tape
  • Fabric
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors

And it was so easy:

Step 1 – Cut your piece of cardboard and cut your fabric to match.


Step 2 – Tape down two parallel ends, pulling the fabric tight.


Step 3 – Fold the corners diagonally as shown and tape the corners down.



Step 4 – Tape all the ends down tight.


Step 5 – Flip over and enjoy!


You can use all kinds of fabrics even salvage some of your old clothes with stains or just don’t fit. I think this would be fun with a jean mouse pad. Then you can also embellish it with fabric pens or sharpies. And this works great with my wireless optical mouse, but try out the fabric before you start cutting. 😉

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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