Making a Weighty Decision

I’ve been debating if I should blog about this new step in my life. The fact is it is going to be a new part in my life and going to change my life forever. There is no reason not to share it.

Last November after talking to TJ for a long while we decided to start looking into weight loss surgery for me. We have a lot of money in our Health Savings Account, so it wouldn’t be a detriment to our income and so I started considering it.

My First Diet

I have been overweight since third grade. I also just have a larger frame (big boned really is true). But I definitely have extra padding too.

In middle school I made a mad dash to try and loose weight. I pretty much starved myself. I would drink a carnation breakfast drink (usually one spoonful in a glass of milk) for breakfast. I would have baked french fries with ranch for lunch, sharing them with my table (I know healthy choice right, I was 12), and I would pick at my dinner which I was required to eat because my step father made me. When I got down to 140lbs (still 10lbs overweight) my mom took me to Disneyland for the first time.

But Not My Last

After that first diet I still continued to gain weight consistently. Through high school, as hard as I tried not to, through college, and into my marriage. I was at least lucky enough to gain very little at my pregnancies, but after a year after Zarek’s birth I started gaining again. I’m on a new medication and I think that this made the weight gain even worse last year, gaining 50lbs in 6 months.

I’m now at my heaviest I’ve ever been and even now I cannot share the number, yet. I’ve tried diets and diets and diets, with no true success. I can lose 7lbs consistently each time I diet to only turn around and gain even more.

My Last Attempt

I’m down to my last attempt to try and turn my body around. I’ve been praying about this and thinking about it for months.

I also considered trying a treatment that dealt with injections. But after a little reading I decided this was not for me. There was too much worries about hormone issues (and I may want one more baby someday in the future) and I try not to mess with my hormones too much. Plus it sounds like once you are done with the shots it’s really hard to maintain the diet loss.

After researching that option I started researching the Lap Band. This is the direction I believe I will be going with.

To Be Continued

Next week I will be talking more about this so if you would like to see where this leads me I hope you will subscribe to my feed. If you have questions feel free and ask them in the comments.


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