We are going to be trying to eat more oatmeal this year. It’s filling, inexpensive and you can still make it fun.

Reading Kari’s post really encouraged me in going the oatmeal breakfast morning. I won’t be going full blown into the non-quick oats, just because I have lots of oatmeal packets I have gotten very cheap on clearance and well I’m good at burning everything. The microwave is my friend!

Now I did make sure and find the lowest sugar content possible on the packets. I was happy to find Quacker Weight Control oatmeal. I looked through the ingredients and  the only difference on these is lower sugar and more fiber! They have lower sugar than the Quacker Low Sugar oatmeal. I was able to find them at the grocery discount store for a $1 a box. I know not quite as good as 45 cents a pound but for me this is a start.

I am probably switching to bulk quick oats when I run out of packets, but I haven’t decided if I will make my own packets with snack baggies or just scoop it out. We will see how domestic I am at that point.

Now on to how to make oatmeal fun! I love making food fun and cute, remember my bento phase? I don’t make the oatmeal fun everyday, but for special days like holidays I do go all out.

Let’s make it fun with color!

One fun way to add a little pizazz to your oatmeal is color sugar. You can make all kinds of shapes. I did this special bowl on Valentine’s Day. This does add sugar to your breakfast one reason I only do it on special occasions.

Step 1: Make your oatmeal


Step 2: Cut out a shape from paper, I made a heart.

Step 3: Place paper on oatmeal, as close to the oatmeal as possible.


Step 4: Sprinkle with colored sugar


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and cutting a shamrock out of paper isn’t that hard.

What are some ways you dress up your oatmeal? What is your favorite oatmeal?

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Pepper Ferguson

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