#mamavation Monday: Finished #2weekchallenge

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I just finished the #2weekchallenge by #mamavation! What an amazing 2 weeks! I was actually sad to finish my last workout!

What did I gain?

After doing the two week challenge I saw that no matter how busy I was I could fit in my workout. I use my schedule as a constant excuse but I proved to myself this excuse just doesn’t work.

I am excited about getting moving again. I was in a slump for about a month with my exercise and I was losing my motivation. But after these last two weeks seeing how strong I am and how good I feel after a good workout!

What did I lose?

Now it’s time to share the numbers. You may be surprised by the numbers but here is proof that the scale is not everything!

Weight Lost

Weight start: 188.9 lbs
Weight finish: 188.5 lbs
Weight loss: .4 lbs

Inches lost:

Waist Start: 40.5
Waist Finish: 38.5
Inches Lost: 2

Hips Start: 46.25
Hips Finish: 44.25
Inches Lost: 2

Thighs Start: 23.5 (1 thigh)
Thighs Finish: 22.5
Inches Lost: 1

Total Inches Lost: 5 inches!

Goals this Week:

Do a family walk after dinner each evening
Get 3 days of strength training in
Enter my food 5 days this week, all my food

What are your goals this week? 


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