Not sure what to talk about today but myself. Hate just talking about myself. I prefer to share about things that will benefit you. But maybe listening to my victories and struggles will help you.

Fourth of July Picnic: Potato Salad

My band really worked for me at the picnic. One thing that tempted me, but I didn’t stress too much about eating was potato salad. I was even questioned by a family member, “you can eat that?”

But I’ve been reading some very interesting articles about Resistant Starches and how cold potatoes can actually be good for you! But yes there was probably whole fat mayonnaise so I still ate it in moderation.


It was amazing how much my band helped me with eating in moderation. I knew I had limited space so I took very small amounts of everything I wanted, just enough to get a taste. I barely filled a small plate (tip: always grab the smallest dish you can, this will force you to not grab as much food).

I then got my hamburger, with no bun of course, and my band forced me to eat it very slowly so I filled up on that so fast! I ate it with a lovely chopped guacamole on top, so good and so satisfying!


I did great and got all 64 oz of water in for the day, even though I lost my water bottle somewhere along the way. I did have one light beer, which technically is a no no with the fizz, but I drank it over a few hours. So technically I ended the day at probably 52 oz of water due to the alcohol.


Since I knew the day was going to be crazy I made a point of getting my workout out of the way first thing. Which I think I need to do on my days I work, because its so hard after work to get it in. It was so nice to know that I had got it in that it felt like a victory all day!

Bring Good Options

I did make a point to bring my Red White and Blue Quinoa Salad and these awesome Red Whit Blue Cheese Cake Cupcakes. That way I had options that I knew exactly what was in them, what the calories were. Plus they were something when I was tempted to go back to the table I could grab without too much guilt.



  • Having to hold my pants up while jogging to church
  • My wedding rings driving me batty being so loose
  • Doing awesome on the #2weekchallenge & #64ozchallenge
  • All the comments on my weight were actually bothersome for me that day, but they still are victories.
  • Bought a pair of capris in a size 12, haven’t been that size since junior high.

Scale Victories

  • Lost 3 pounds for the month on the doctor’s scale

How was your Fourth of July? Did you have a strategy or plan that helped you stay within your

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