#mamavation workout done! #getmovingchalleng
I was going to do a video today – actually I even recorded it then I realized my hair is ca-razy! So you just get to read my update for the week.

#Mamavation Mom

Tonight is the #mamavation twitter party! They will be announcing who the next two Mamavation Moms will be. I’m nervous. But most of all I’m excited because I know that any of the women picked to compete will be awesome. I have fallen in love with these wonderful women that were chosen as finalist! They are all amazing!

Last Week

Was run, run, run. Wedding, work event, working, crazy boys, but even with all that I stayed on track with my eating and the #mamavation hazing. And I got my reward today – my weight is starting to drop again:

Onto a new lower number woohoo! #mamavation

That means I’m at a total of 86 pounds lost! Woohoo to me!


This week is just filled with even more running. I have a baby shower I have to get my house ready for – which means must finish painting the floors. I also have to start getting Zane into his get up for school schedule. I also want to keep working out everyday and making sure that I’m tracking my calories.

What are your goals this week?

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