When I went to the book expo last year I had picked up tons of books for my friends who were starting to think about having babies. But one book I really picked up for myself, Maybe Baby by Matt M. F. Miller. I was wanting to read it when I saw it was about a gentleman who was just starting to blog and blog about something that was close to my heart.

Many of my friends did not know the struggles inside my heart as TJ and I tried to get pregnant and nothing happened. I am just not one to let people know that we are trying to have a baby so we didn’t get pity as we failed.

We hadn’t been using birth control for years but we were not trying to get pregnant either. After a year and a half at least of trying and having nothing happen I decided it just was not meant to be. I started a new diet July of 2006 deciding if I wasn’t going to get pregnant I might as well better myself.

When my period didn’t show I figured I was just psyching myself out but decided to get a pregnancy test. I couldn’t even look at it TJ came out with a fake pout and then showed me the positive test. The positive test that I kept on my vanity for pretty much the whole pregnancy to remind myself I was pregnant it hadn’t been a dream.

After Zaney was born I figured that we would have to work on getting pregnant again. Last July I looked at my calendar and mentioned to TJ I should have already had my period. He said no you miss counted it’s only been a couple weeks. Yet after I chewed my Mother-in-Law out I told TJ, I need to take a pregnancy test. To my huge surprise I got a very bright second line.

I want to send my congrats to Matt and Constance on their beautiful baby girl, so now it is not Maybe Baby anymore. Please stop by Matt’s blog and give them your congrats too!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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