putting the pieces of life back together

Meet the Family


TJ, The Android Dad


TJ is a dad, husband, student and an android fan. He is currently going to school for Computer Science so that he can start developing his own apps soon.

Pepper, The Android Mom

DSC_0002_1 Pepper is a wife, mommy, graphic designer long time blogger, and an android addict. Her first android tablet, a Galaxy Tab, got her hooked on Android for life! She now has a Nexus 7 that is always at hand to keep her family organized and happy.

Zane, The Android School Boy

DSCN7883 Zane is 6 years old and started kindergarten this year. He got his first tablet (Mommy’s hand me down) when he was 3 years old. He loved his tablet to death (literally), though not his fault the Galaxy Tab finally gave out on him. He now currently uses a Nexus 7 that he loves and adores, maybe a little too much.

Zarek, The Android Preschooler

Zarek-and-Nabi Zarek is 4 years old and is doing preschool at home with Mommy. He got his first tablet last Christmas. Since he is a little harder on things and more of a rough and tumble boy, he got a Nabi 2. Though he really loves to steal Zane’s Nexus 7 when he isn’t looking.

Cousin Louie (Stephen Hogan), The Android College Student


Stephen “Louie” is a student at the University of Oregon pursuing degrees in Journalism and Religious Studies. He is also a devout user of the Android platform, currently using a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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