Easy Minecraft Bento

I was very excited to have this bento lunch sponsored by goodnessknows in partnership with One2One Network.

Have you noticed that I have a lot of themed lunches for the boys? I have found that if I have a theme for the week that I can quickly come up with creative ideas. I don’t have to think as much each day about what I’m going to pack, I can plan a few lunches all at once.Themes for lunches don’t have to be over the top. Sometimes I do all muffin lunches or all PB&J sandwiches.

Great ways to come up with themes for your week is start looking at holidays, your child’s favorite cartoon or game, or what they are learning about in school. Zarek is learning about trees and their life cycles so I did a whole tree themed lunch for him.

Last week was Minecraft Lunch Week for the boys so I made a few different fun Minecraft themed lunches. This lunch is so easy and you don’t need any special tools! I even made you a quick video sharing exactly how to make this bento.

Items you will need:

  • Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Bread
  • Peanut Butter or Sunflower Butter
  • Jam or Jelly
  • Cucumber
  • Apples
  • goodnessknows Snack Squares
  • Homemade marshmallow (optional)
  • red food marker (optional)

Each goodnessknows package has four squares. Each serving (all four squares) has 150 calories, 2-3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein. goodnessknows snack squares are all made with slow-roasted whole almonds, tangy fruits, toasted oats and extraordinary deep chocolate.  We got to try all three flavors:

  • Very Cranberry – Roasted almonds and rolled oats get a hint of natural sweetness from tangy-sweet cranberries.
  • Nutty Apple – Crunchy peanuts, roasted almonds and tangy apples.
  • Peachy Cherry – Sweet peaches and cherries accompanied by wholesome roasted almonds and deep chocolate.


How much does this product cost?

goodnessknows® snacks are $1.49 per single serving (4 square serving) and $4.99 per 5-serving multipack carton. So they are about the same cost of other nutrition bars.

Where can I buy goodnessknows® products?

goodnessknows® is available at select stores in the Portland, Seattle, Denver, Boulder, and Dallas areas. You can find a list of participating stores close to you at www.goodnessknows.com by clicking on the store locator.  Also make sure and like them on Facebook for updates!


Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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