Mincraft Creeper Pencil Topper

My boys are huge Minecraft fans, they can watch StampyLongNose videos all day if I let them. This year we decided to make Minecraft valentines, specifically Minecraft Creeper Pencil Topper Valentines. This craft is so easy and Zane loved making them with me as you can see in our crafting video.

I originally planned on having just the creeper on the valentine, but Zane came up with the great idea of having a heart arrow coming from the creeper head.


  • Green Chenille Stems (cut in half)
  • Red Chenille Stems (cut in thirds)
  • Small Heart Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Glue Dots
  • Scissors
  • Printable
  • Paper Cutter (optional)

Click images to get step by step instructions with photos in slider format.

Step 1: Print Printable and cut out squares

Step 2: Cut foam into 2 inch squares

Step 3: Cut green chenille stems in half and cut red chenille stems into thirds

Step 4: Sandwich end of red chenille stem between two heart stickers

Step 5: Glue green chenille stem to bottom middle of green foam square

Step 6: Place or glue arrow across green foam square

Step 7: Glue the four corners of the minecraft creeper face onto green foam square covering arrow middle

Step 8: Have your children write names on valentine (do this before attaching to foam)

Step 9: Glue the valentine to the back of the the green foam square

Step 10: Hold creeper face in position while twisting chenille stem around pencil

Free Printable Minecraft Creeper Valentine


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