Monday Menu Plan (Feb 25th)

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Menu Plan

I was hit hard with a bad, bad cold (probably the flu) last week, so menu planning was really hard. But sometimes it just takes one ingredient and suddenly you are inspired! This is why I will look through the ads for all the stores in my area even if I’m planning to only go to one. I will look at the items that are on sale and see what inspires me.

This week it was imitation crab! Yep I am addicted to imitation crab, I love it! What is imitation crab? “(A) form of kamaboko, a processed seafood made of finely pulverized white fish flesh (surimi)”. It is very sweet and mild.

I found it on sale for $2.64/lb at a local store and bought some up. One serving (3 ounces) of imitation crab is 87 calories and has 10 grams of protein!

Goals this week:

The Menu:


Crab Frittata


  • Thursday: Premade Salad
  • Friday: Walking Lunch
  • Saturday: Premade Salad
  • Sunday:  Eat Out


TJ's Picky Eater Healthy Stroganoff

mexican meatloaf_4

  • Sunday: (church potluck)

What is that one favorite dinner that you splurge on once in a while? Would you like help figuring out how to make it lighter? Share it in the comments!


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