I love laying in bed in the morning and listening to my little guy talk. He babbles and laughs and every so often you will hear a real word, like “uh oh”. You can hear him playing with his imagination and talking to his toys and himself. As he is getting more words those words just pop into these conversations and you got to wonder what he is imagining.

Our guy is an early riser and that is hard with our schedules, since TJ works swing. We have tried making his bedtime earlier, we have tried making his bedtime later. But no matter what he wakes anytime between 6-8. Which in a household that goes to bed by 1am that is a little hard to handle.

At even an early age we would let him stay in his crib while he was happy to try and get a few more minutes of sleep. And usually we can get another half an hour. Yet sometimes it is hard because he gets pretty loud with his playful noises. So we really don’t get anymore sleep.

I think it is good for him also. He is learning to be more independent and to be able to play with just his imagination. He knows that when he starts to complain that mommy and/or daddy will come to his rescue. But he doesn’t usually call for us right away. He seems to enjoy being by himself sometimes.

During the day if he starts getting overstimulated we will set him in his crib and let him work himself down. He may cry for a few moments but then he will just start talking and playing and relaxing. And if he doesn’t fall asleep because he isn’t ready for a nap, he will be much happier and relaxed when we go in to get him.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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