My Dream: Uniquehorn Designs

In college, 1997, I was introduced to the online world. I quickly went out and bought myself a book on HTML and CSS and taught myself how to build my first site on Geocities.

I was in school for psychology, but quickly changed my degree to graphic design, knowing that in the world of HTML I could make a living following my passion, art.I needed a break from school and then my mother became ill. I never returned to school, but I continued creating my websites.

While still in college I had learned about a site, DiaryLand and this was my first introduction to blogging. Of course at that time ‘blogging’ had not even really been called ‘blogging’ yet.

After a year or so on DiaryLand a friend offered me free hosting, and then I was introduced to WordPress. I loved WordPress and it became a passion of mine. I have had a blog on WordPress ever since.

I continued growing my skills in graphics, HTML, CSS, and PHP. I maintained mutliple websites for myself. But also, I did work for friends and family here and there, but was never really able to shake my doubt in myself and fear of creating my own business and failing.

Last year I got a little nudge in the right direction. While on maternity leave I was demoted at work to part time. This taught me a few things, that we could survive on less, that I was really unhappy at my job and that I wanted to be home with my boys.

But I just wasn’t sure where to start. That was until this year. This January I found etsy, a community I loved and felt comfortable in.

I started bidding on requests for personalized graphics. And after each job and happy client I would get a boost of confidence. I started realizing I can do this.

I made the decision to start pursuing a dream of my own business in graphic design and web design. A dream to be able to quit my part time job and stay home with my two young boys.

After 6 short months I have a business, Uniquehorn Designs, that is growing in leaps and bounds. I hope that this fall I will be able to turn in my resignation and become a WAHM.

If you are looking for a logo, web graphics, twitter background, and/or a website feel free and contact me, Unicornbeauty{@}gmail{DOT}com.


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