2016 was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. One down being a lack of time and energy to keep on blogging. But Pepper Scraps keeps calling me back, but I feel like it may have a change coming. Blogging is so different than it used to be. But enough about blogging.

#PSNameYourDay Challenge

Last year we were naming our day with the #PSNameYourDay Challenge. The goal was to focus my day and motivate me. So for 2017 I decided that I wanted to name my year. I want to grow stronger this year so I named 2017 Strength!

Strength 2017

I want to become a stronger mother, wife, woman of God, and business woman. I still need to sit down and look at what things I need to do to become stronger in these places of my life. But I know when I look at something new to do or accomplish I can look at it and ask myself will this make me stronger!

What are you going to name your year this year?

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Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
We hope to inspire you by showing that even small changes can make the biggest differences in your life. You don't have to go to extremes to become healthy. Just do it one habit, one meal, one walk, and one hug at a time.

Let's work together one piece at a time making better habits, eating healthier, getting moving, and most of all loving our families.

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