Am I the only mommy that is always on the late night binky hunts? I put extras by the door when he loses them but he seems to lose even more on the nights that I have the stash by the door. Am I just spoiling him by finding it for him late at night? Should I let him cry it out when he wakes up and is needing some comfort?

It’s amazing where I find these things, too. When I finally get used to finding it behind the crib just underneath it then they seem to find a new hiding hole underneath the blankets he’s thrown out of the crib.

I think we may be close to a breakthrough though. We have tried just letting him cry it out, but he would cry for hours sometimes. I hated trying to watch the clock and force myself to stay out for a certain amount of time. The time seemed to go even slower then. But now he has seemed to have stopped his crying at night. So hopefully the nightly binky hunts have ended.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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