No Equipment Needed: 8 Household Items to Work Out With

When you make the discision to change your life and start to get healthy one thing you have to combat is lots of excuses. I know I’ve been there. But don’t fall for the one that you can’t get moving because you don’t have the equipment! Here is 8 household items that anyone can find in their house that you can use for a great workout!


Draped towel 02

I’ve actually done this work out and I was surprised at how much the towel really does work out your muscles.

Milk Jug

What's in the fridge

Don’t have kettle bells or large weights? Don’t use that as an excuse. Grab some milk jugs or water jugs and start your workout. If you want more weight fill some empty jugs with sand, gravel, or clean kitty litter to get some more weight.

Socks & Beans

40+51 Wool Socks

I’m sure you are wondering socks and beans? But you can quickly and easily make your own dumbbells. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own:

Your Kids Ball

Pink Ball

Don’t have a full sized balance ball then go outside and grab your child’s ball. Here is an amazing workout with just a small ball.


Even if you have just a couple stairs in your house you can use them for a quick step workout. If you have a full flight then start jogging up and down them. You will be surprised at the workout you can get just from going up and down those stairs.

light on stairs

Kitchen Chair

Three chairs

Chairs are great for any workout especially when you are just starting out. They are great to have to help you steady yourself. But you can also do a full workout with a chair.

Running or Walking Shoes

This one is the most obvious, but it is one of the best ways to get in a work out. Grab your tennis shoes and get outside for a walk or a run. Consider trying to do a Couch to 5k System if you have never run before. It’s a great place to get started.


Is the weather bad? Don’t use that as an excuse check out this awesome walking video you can do right in your living room:

Your Child


What do you do at home to get your exercise in?


  1. Emily Woodhouse
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