This is one of my mornings. A morning that I didn’t have to work. A morning with all three of my boys. This is a typical morning in my house.

7:30ish Zane wakes up TJ gets him set up in the bonus room with cartoons on I try to bury my head into the blankets.

8:00ish Zarek wakes up. I hope he may go back to sleep. He crys on and off not fully awake.

8:10 I give up the idea TJ will go get Zarek and on the idea Zarek may go back to bed. TJ asks to get some more sleep because he may be coming down with Zarek’s snuffles.

8:15 I ask TJ to wrap my wrist because I have been having troubles with it and I keep injuring it.

8:20 Join Zane in the bonus room. Zarek takes a couple swigs of bottle and is ready to play.

8:30 I get online, check my email, approve some comments, and check facebook.

8:45 Tell Zane to be nice to his brother that Zarek touching his blanket is not that big of deal

9:00 I find Zane trying to open the bag of cheerios from yesterday morning. I use a plastic lid for a “dish” for Zane and just toss Zarek’s on the coffee table. Boys are happy.

9:05 Try to start blogging

9:20 Take the Easter grass away from Zarek that Daddy left out from cleaning the night before. He complains. I decide he’s already upset might as well change his diaper.

9:25 Realize I buttoned him up wrong but I don’t care because at least I got most of the snaps closed before he rolled over. Take paper napkin away from him that he found on the chair I was changing him on.

9:27 Offer Zarek some more bottle. He takes a few swigs then rolls over. I try to set him down to play more and he complains. I convince Zane to grab the cheerios bag. Distribute more cheerios. Zarek’s happy now.

9:35 Try to explain to Zane that chickens “lay” eggs not eat eggs, as he plays with eggs from the Easter Basket. “Yeah chickens love eggs.” Yeah, but not in the way you are thinking, silly boy.

9:37 Zane takes his binkie away from Zarek. Zarek complains. I tell him to share and he gives the binkie back to Zarek, who just likes to chew on them, not suck. I think Zarek just wants to be just like his brother.

9:40 Zane realizes he can put cheerios in the eggs! I just smile as I watch.

9:41 Zane brings over the eggs and cheerios and asks me to open the egg. I try to show him how to open the eggs. Then I show him the difference between the words “open” and “close”.

9:42 Have to tell Zane to be nice as he pushes Zarek away as he talks about having to share, maybe I should teach Zane the meaning of irony.

9:45 I start “singing” with Zarek. He rubs his eyes and I’m wondering is he really tired again already? But he’s fussing about everything and rubs his eyes again.

9:50 Take Zarek into his playpen and lay him down. Put his blanket over him so he can grab it and suck his thumb. Go in and ask TJ when is he getting up because if I don’t he will sleep forever.

9:51 Listen to Zarek crying and watch the dog clean up the cheerios on the floor. Zane complains about Imagination Movers being on and wants to watch Oso. I tell him he’s fine and once the intro is done he is.

9:55 Zane starts telling me he is cooking yellow cereal for the chickens. He pulls the eggs out of an empty baby food puffs container, his “oven”. He makes me smile. Zarek’s still crying.

9:57 I tell Zane to get back from the TV. I get a string. I show it to Zane. I let him know he cannot touch the string. I lay it on the floor and tell him he cannot go past the string. He grabs a truck and starts using the string as a road.

9:59 Zarek is still crying. TJ is going to wake up in 1 min. I think when TJ is up he can give Zarek his bottle and try to get Zarek down.

10:00 I have to remind Zane to not cross the line.  TJ wakes up and I ask him to give Zarek a bottle.

10:01 Zane points out that the doggy crossed the line. I have to explain it’s okay for the doggy to cross the line.

10:02 Have to go figure out what Zane is doing in our bedroom. What he could be eating, smearing all over the bed or who knows what. Bring him back into the bonus room. And I realize my day is in full swing.

10:03 Tell Zane to not cross the string again, twice.  TJ makes a really amazing pigeon impression and then informs me that it’s a pigeon stealing the food on Imagination Movers.

10:05 TJ asks me if I want to let Zarek play or try to put him back in his bassinet because he will not eat his bottle. I tell him to go ahead and put him down again and he does.

10:08 I have to tell Zane to not cross the line again. TJ goes and hops in the shower. I’m hoping I get to get a shower. Zarek is quiet I’m hoping he fell asleep.

10:11 I have to ask Zane if he has stinky pants. He doesn’t want to talk to me. I ask him to come talk to mommy. I check his pants and just as he always says, “Nothing in There!” Of course he says this when there is something in there, too.

10:15 Try to start blogging again

10:18 Have to tell Zane to get behind the string again. And try and get back to blogging again.

10:25 Have to remind Zane to not cross the line again. I do think this is a good idea, just may take a little bit to get him to do it.

10:39 Yay I get a shower!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
We hope to inspire you by showing that even small changes can make the biggest differences in your life. You don't have to go to extremes to become healthy. Just do it one habit, one meal, one walk, and one hug at a time.

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