I have this feeling that Zane is going to make sure that Zarek is one tough guy. I was an only child so to watch these interactions between the boys is something new to me. I know that it will happen and it really shows me where the psychology of first child and second child comes from. And I have to say that Zane loves his brother and usually takes very good care of him.  But he is a two year old and things happen.

Lesson one: Expect the unexpected.

I watched as the boys stood next to each other playing on the coffee table.  This is an almost constant. Zane with his train set and Zarek loving being able to stand and play.

Zane looked over at Zarek and just thwacked him on the top of  his with his Ikea Fork. I think it surprised me more than Zarek. You could see the whole thought process in Zane’s face. It was very shocking.

Lesson two:  Younger siblings always get the leftovers.

Zane has been in the habit lately of leaving his leftovers here and there in the playroom. Zarek got a hold of a bagel from Zane’s breakfast and was gnawing on it, one of his first experiences with solid, solid food. I learned that bagels are great for teething.

Yesterday though Zarek had found Zane’s lunch plate while I was putting Zane down for a nap. When I came and sat down I heard him making this wet sound. I went and investigated. He had stolen Zane’s pickle off his plate. He loved the thing and was very disgruntled when I took it away.

Lesson three: Don’t follow the leader

Then this morning was the worst experience. I went down to make lunch and left the boys upstairs together. Usually Zane watches out for his brother, but today he had to show mommy his new trick.

As I was spreading peanut butter on Zane’s bread I heard him coming down the stairs. I instantly realized Zane had opened the gate on the stairs and that he didn’t know he had to close it behind himself. I told him to make sure and close the gate as I set down the knife. That’s when I  heard a thump, thump, thump.

I ran to the stairs and poor Zarek had tumbled down the first four or five stairs. He was alright but it was scary and hopefully a learning experience for Zane.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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