Organizing Kids Closets How To Organize Boys Closets

I was very excited to be invited to join a group of bloggers to share how they organize their kids closets! If your curious about how others organize make sure and don’t miss their links below.

As my boys get older I have tried to make their closets organized to help them be able to pick out their clothes by themselves. I try to make sure that they can just grab and go. There are a few tricks that I do to help them with this, that they probably haven’t even noticed that I do. I have found that this organization system also helps me keep track of what kinds of clothes the boys are needing which is really helpful when the season changes.

My boys share a room and so they share a closet. Zane has one side of the closet and Zarek has the other. Each morning they can open up their side of the closet and find a weather appropriate shirt right in front of them.

Organize by Style

Organize by Style

When I place items in the closet I have a section for each style of shirt. I find this helps the me keep track of what items we may be needing to purchase soon and also helps the boys grab clothes for themselves.

  1. Special Wear (Uniforms, Swim Bags, etc)
  2. Extra Jackets
  3. Tank Tops & T-Shirts
  4. Short Sleeve Dress Shirts (Polos, etc)
  5. Long Sleeve T-shirts
  6. Long Sleeve Dress Shirts
  7. Sweaters

Each Season Go Through Everything

Note: I consider the front of the closet the side closest to the wall and the back of the closet would be the middle of the closet since the boys share.

I go through my boys closets every season. This helps me remember to go through all their clothes and pull out things that are too small or worn out. At the end of spring and fall I take the time to switch everything in their closets.

Summer (End of Spring)

In summer their t-shirts and tank tops are in the front portion of their closets. Long sleeves are in the back of their closet just in case. I also have a seasonal container that I place sweaters and heavy coats in the summer

Winter (End of Fall)

In winter I switch their long sleeves to the front of their closets and their t-shirts to the back. All tank tops and shorts will then go into the seasonal container.

Extra Closet Organization

What Else to Keep in the Closet?

As the boys have gotten bigger and their clothes have taken up more room I have had to make more room for clothes than organizing items. But there are a few things I make sure I have room for.


The first is the laundry hamper. I like to keep the hamper in their closet. They just don’t have enough room for it in their room itself and they are just used to throwing their clothes in there. Right now they share a laundry hamper, but I am going to have to get another one as their clothes are starting to over fill it now.

Next Size Bins

Each boy has a plastic bin that I keep the next size clothes in for them. I add things to Zane’s bin slowly, only when I find things on sale or at secondhand stores.

Zarek’s bin usually is only pants. The boys are close enough in size that when a shirt becomes too small for Zane it just moves over to Zarek’s side of the closet. I don’t mind the look of bigger shirts on the boys. But pants it is very different, there is just one size between the boys’ pants sizes. Just enough difference that if I put the size Zane grew out of on Zarek they would just slide off. So once Zane grows into the next size pants I move the small ones to Zarek’s Next Size bin.

Too Small Bin

When I find that a shirt (or pant) is too small or once Zarek is definitely out of a certain size I add it to a large bin labeled Too Small. I have a friend that I pass this bin to once I have gotten rid of a full size out of Zarek’s closet. Her boys are almost 3 years younger than my boys so it works out perfectly.

Video Tour!

I actually did a video tour of the boys closets the other day so I thought you may want to see an actual tour of their closet!

How do you organize your kids’ closets?

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