Zane loves to “read” every nap time and evening. He loves to “read” himself to sleep. He will look through the pages over and over. He even memorizes what is on the pages. Which our little boy has a huge library for his age, but he can tell you about the monkey’s eating pop-a-cicles and ice cream in the Eight Silly Monkey Jumping on the Bed book.

Every night he gets to pick two books to read or sometimes I will pick one and he gets to pick one. But every night we read two books while he sits in my lap and we are in the rocking chair. Zarek either sits on the floor or in his new crib if he is awake and listens too.

Zane’s favorite book right now is I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker. He has wanted me to read him this book every night for weeks now. Which I love reading this book to him it is beautifully written and filled with such love. It’s a great way to end the day especially if Mommy or Zaney were not having a good day. The book ends,

“I love you any way you feel,
no matter what you do.
I love you because you’re you.”

I know that our little reader will always be a big reader. He has a wonderful imagination and when he can read the words I think he will love books even more.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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