Packing a healthy lunch with laptop lunches

I’ve been eyeing the Laptop Lunches Bento Lunch Boxes for a very long time so I was excited when they offered me a box to try out!

Learn Portions and Food Groups

One reason I really like the Laptop Lunches box is that they help you pack a healthy lunch, but also you can use it to teach your kids what a healthy lunch looks like.

laptop lunch boxes_2

You have five Bento Buddie Boxes that fit into your lunch box. I love that each has a place for your child’s name!

Two boxes come with lids and are marked with fruits and veggies. This is a great reminder that half your plate or box should be fruits and veggies. I also use the large box for protein as we eat a high protein diet and then the second small box I use for grains.

You also get a small dipping container with a lid, which is awesome if you have a kid who loves dips. Dips are a great way to help encourage your child to eat their veggies.

Bright Colors

As soon as we got the Laptop Lunch box Zane was bouncing around asking to use it. They are bright and colorful. There were actually lots of colors to pick from. We picked the Berry Blue colors for Zane and he loves it!

Bento 1121

Size Does Matter

This is not a bento box that you pack tightly as that would be too much food for a small child. But you can still do lots of fun things with it. What I love about the size is that it will work for the boys for years. As they get older I will pack more in it.

laptop lunch boxes_3

I love that I can use this box for me as well. I absolutely love this box for helping me build great portion controlled lunches. Making your lunches ahead, even if your a stay at home mom, is a great way to make sure you eat healthy. You pack it while not hungry, you have more time to think about what you are packing, and you don’t have any excuses to not eat healthy.

Conclusion: Laptop Lunches are an Awesome Healthy Choice!

If you are looking for a lunch box to start packing bentos for your kids, or for you, I would highly recommend Laptop Lunches boxes. I’m really excited to see they have added a new smaller size which I may get for Zarek when he goes to school next year! Make sure and check it out it’s the Bistro Bento Box 2.0.

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