When Zane was small a friend gave us a list of things to put in the diaper bag, so that whenever TJ took Zane to her house the bag was perfectly packed. I decided I should rewrite this because I am finding that I am so used to the minimal things Zane requires. I keep spending 20 minutes packing the bag and once I’m out I realize I am missing something. This is a great list for a perfectly packed diaper bag for a small baby. Below I also listed what I put in Zane’s Back Pack.

Diaper Bag List

Diapers – I usually try to 3-6 in the bag, but no less than 3.

Changing Pad


Diaper Rash Cream – I keep one tube in each changing area in my house and one just for the bag.

Plastic Bags – Nothing is worse than a stinky diaper and no bag or garbage to rid yourself of it. Plus when I am at someone’s home I try not to stink up their garbage and take them home.

Disinfecting hand gel – Don’t be afraid to have others use it and you may want it after you change a diaper.

Bottle – Sometimes I pre-measure the water into the bottle, sometimes you won’t have access to water and need a bottled in a hurry.

Formula – I have a little dispenser that is nice to have. It has a couple bottles worth of formula pre-measured out. And I can have one scoop or two in the different compartments.

Bottled Water – I’m not one to buy Nursery Water, but I don’t like using the faucets in a public bathroom for a bottle though.

Burp Cloth

Bib – You will want this especially for special events when you have an extra nice outfit on.

Hat – In case it starts getting cold.

Extra outfit – You may need two if you have a baby that has blowouts, spits up a lot, or is a messy eater.

Extra socks – Those things walk off all the time!

Extra Binky – I forgot this when I went to a consignment sale and we were in line for two hours and I had dropped our binky somewhere. That was not fun.

Small Toy – Even when they are young it’s nice to have something that may distract your baby when they are getting fussy.

Light/Medium Weight Blanket – To keep the rain off, keep the sun out of their eyes or to use for nursing. (Light for summer or medium for winter)

Medium/Heavy Blanket – To keep your baby warm if the weather changes or it starts becoming late. (Medium for summer or heavy for winter)

Snack – It’s good to keep a snack for you in the bag also.

Easy print version of this list

Toddler Bag

We use a small child’s back pack to take Zanes supplies when we are out. Zane loves carrying it. I like having his toys when we go to the doctors office. I don’t like to touch the toys too much at the doctor’s office because of gerrms. I like to have his toys for those places that may not have toys either, it helps keep him quietly entertained.

Diaper – I ussually only need one in case he has dirty pants while out.

Wipes – I use a small travel case to hold them.

1-2 Board Books – Zane loves books and can keep him entertained for a long while.

2-3 Toys – One of our favorites is his magna doodle. He loves to draw and we don’t have to worry about him ruining anything with crayons or anything.

Juice box or Sippy Cup

So now I am off to clean out and reorganize my baby bag. Maybe you will want to do it with me. I will be adding my wallet, my computer or at least a space for it :-), a note pad and a pen just for me.

What do you keep in your diaper bag? I would love to hear other’s suggestions on what they keep in their diaper bags also.

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